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Emma Watson and Tom Felton Aren't Dating and Everyone Needs to Chill Out

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There are few things more irritating than dramatization in Hollywood media to spread gossip and rumors. Even more annoying that these instances almost always pertain to romantic relationships. While I am also guilty of getting caught up in rooting for or tracking celebrity relationships, that doesn't mean it isn't stupid, unnecessary, and often taken out of context when people write about them..

Recently, Felton and Watson both shared pictures on Instagram of a trip they took together, one of which (pictured below) features the two in their pajamas and playing a guitar together. When the post dropped, there were articles abound referring to them as "looking cozy" and that they "must be dating." Just looks like a longtime friendship to me. How about to you?

That is where this should have ended, but then recently Rupert Grint "dished the tea" on them having a spark back on the set of Harry Potter, and Grint is painted in this light of loving drama and trying to stir it ups. But in the quotes, that can be found in the Cosmopolitan article below, he doesn't sound at all like he's trying to insinuate there's something going on now just because they had a crush as children.

Whether they are dating or not, whether they will date or not, great for them. All these articles could easily be right by chance, but that doesn't mean every picture, post, or comment needs an entire article about it.

Over hyping Cosmopolitan article.