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Enchanting Frozen Waterfall Collapses And Injures Tourists In Russia

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One of Russia's most famous tourist spots, the Kamchatka peninsula became home to a deadly accident where the frozen Vilyuchinsky waterfall broke into a giant icicle, injuring few tourists.

As the Vilyuchinsky broke off its sharp icicle’s structures in the freezing winters, the 131ft shards of ice killed one tourist and injured three others who wanted to see the mesmerizing frozen waterfall. A rescue crew was immediately called upon the incident where the group of people was trapped. They were able to rescue three people, two adults, and a child, however, according to reports, the child was gravely injured by the jagged ice structure.

 The Kamchatka Territory's deputy minister of health reported that “The father is in hospital with the child,” as the child was shifted to Intensive care.

As several people were still stuck on the spot, an emergency Mi-8 helicopter was sent with rescuers accompanied by medics and investigators. Press service of the regional Ministry of Emergencies stated that,

“One person died, another was pulled out and taken downhill from the waterfall, and four people were left under the ice.”

The Russian news suggests that an avalanche from the nearby Vilyuchinsky volcano was the cause of the accident as water from the Vilyuchinsky waterfall comes from the thawing glaciers of the volcano. The same water easily freezes where temperatures drop as low as -11 degrees Celsius, resembling that of a massive icicle, more commonly known as the Tsar icicle.