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Essential steps to start a blog | Required Tools For Blog Making ...

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What is Blogging?

                     It is important to understand what blogging is before creating a blog, you are an expert in any field and you have full knowledge of that field and can tell people by writing about the things of that field. In these short, if you have knowledge, information and experience, you would have to share it with people by writing. If you know about food well then you can tell people about it by writing about recipes and sharing it on the online platform, that is called blogging.

            For example, it is understood, as if we assume that a person is an expert in digital marketing, that writing about digital marketing by writing a blog post, whatever their knowledge, experience is described.

What is blog ?

         We have learned what blogging is, where we share our knowledge, experience on online platform, it is called blog. A blog is a website. it is a website where any information is shared by writing posts about it self, and people come and read and share information with others, if they like the information.


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