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Everyone is Fangirling Over Sharpay Evans Right Now, So Here I am

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Sharpay Evans is trending right now, and honestly, I'm not sure how it took this long. Sharpay is a character from the High School Musical franchise, portrayed by Ashley Tisdale. The reminiscing began because one Twitter user posted a clip of the song What I've Been Looking For, performed by Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel.

However, one of the main takeaways from Sharpay's extra fifteen minutes of fame occurring right now, is that while viewers disliked her when they were a child and aspired to be Vanessa Hudgen's character, Gabriella, 13 years after the first movie came out, those same kids, now adults, identify with Sharpay and actually understand her actions.

Sharpay was ambitious and knew what she wanted, and after all of her hard work, her dream was threatened to be taken away by people who weren't serious about theatre and often only took part for the sake of challenging her. Tisdale has always had a soft spot for her character, and when the topic started trending earlier today, she responded with, "Sharpay was chasing her dream, Troy and Gabriella were chasing each other," and, “Finally, y’all are seeing the light."

Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans in High School Musical ( source: via Disney Channel )

Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans in High School Musical

via Disney Channel

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