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Everyone's Loving 'Joker' Except Jared Leto

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The critics have seen it and the reviews are out: Joker is riotous success. Breaking box-office opening-weekend records for the month of October, people have been flocking to see the gruesome, gritty, reality-based take on one of Pop Cultures most recognized characters. Reports have flooded in regarding audience members who have had to leave mid-movie due to it's gruesome nature and other's who have been put off by the unsettling nature of other audience members behavior towards the film. But, for the most part, people are saying it is startlingly real and hits too close to home with how we treat mental illness in America, and the critics are raving, no surprise. It seems to be an overall success, but one person in particular isn't satisfied.

Former Joker actor, Jared Leto, is less than thrilled with the film due to his harboring some resentment towards Warner Bros. Despite the flop that was 'Suicide Squad,' Leto was expecting, and excited, to be invited back to reprise his Joker moniker for more DC movies and was left with the cold shoulder. He was quoted saying he felt 'alienated and upset' over being brushed to the side. Not that Warner Bros has anything against him personally, but with the reception he received from the fans after they finally saw 'Suicide Squad' is anyone surprised?

'Joker' continues to wrack up big box-office money as it heads into its second weekend in theaters. Catch it now before someone has the chance to ruin it for you!

Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto's portrayals of The Joker. ( source: Images owned by Warner Bro Entertainment Inc. )

Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto's portrayals of The Joker.

Images owned by Warner Bro Entertainment Inc.