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Everything there is to know about Apex Legends' newest weapon, the Rampage LMG.

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The forthcoming Apex Legends season is just around the corner, and the battle royale's meta is going to shift. Respawn has published a series of animated short films that provide additional mythology and tease the upcoming Legend, Seer.

Season 10 will begin with the addition of a new weapon like it has with each previous season. Respawn has introduced the Rampage LMG as the next weapon to enter the game on the website for the forthcoming season.

According to the description, it will be “Rampart's newest invention” with “a startling source of firepower.”

However, the developer has yet to share many details on Seer and Rampage LMG. It will be an LMG, as the name implies, similar to the Devotion, Spitfire, and L-STAR.

Because most of those weapons employ energy ammunition, this weapon may as well. However, because its twist appears to be in its "source of firepower," Respawn may alter things up in this regard.

The weapon will most likely be tailored to complement Rampart's playstyle, given her passive buffs LMG guns and her minigun. It boosts the magazine capacity by 15% and the reload speed of such guns by 25%.

Apex Legends' tenth season, Emergence, will be released on August 3.