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Everything You Need to Know About Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

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Fortnite may be one of the most talked about games there is, and it has been just about since it’s inception. The game exploded on to the scene amongst the other shooter games with the added appeal of being free to play and only monetized through in game currency, and boy, have people spent their money.

Just when people were kind of falling off and getting bored of what the game was giving, Epic Games ramped things back up and exploded the entire game in an epic (pun intended) event where a black hole destroyed everything and shut the game down for almost 48 hours.

Then Chapter 2 Season 1 of Fortnite began with a whole new island map, new mechanics, and many other new features. They unfortunately made the choice to extend this season out for nearly four months when traditionally seasons only last about 10 weeks. And just when things were getting stale again, here comes our next big update.

So if you’re a gamer and love Fortnite or if you just having a passing curiosity about the game, here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.



This season's theme is all things secret agents. All Fortnite seasons, for the most part, have a theme and a loose storyline that tie together over the course of the season. This season will see new spy skins and game modes that will allow you to carry out covert operations with those skins. The map will also see some big changes with fresh new spy-themed locations like a luxury yatch and a secret volcano hideout.

We’ll also be seeing a Deadpool crossover later in the season. Crossovers have become very common in Fortnite for big things in pop culture; previous crossovers include John Wick, Avengers: End Game, and Star Wars, just to name a few.


New Battle Pass Special:

Every season of Fortnite comes with the Fortnite Battle Pass, which is where you use the in-game currency to unlock challenges that will allow you to get all the collectibles over the course of the season. This Battle Pass will be a little bit different in that players will be asked to choose a side in completing their Battle Pass missions. Team Ghost or Team Shadow? These are the two warring spy factions and picking one side or the other will provide the player with exclusive collectibles they can’t get if they choose the other team. So dear players, choose wisely.


Big Updates to Team Rumble:

Team Rumble is a newer game mode that was originally offered as a limited time game mode but became so popular with players it's now a staple option within the game. Instead of battle royale style, players are put onto a team with 19 other players and re-spawning is turned on. First team to 100 kills wins. Because it’s so popular, they’re making a lot of welcome changes including:

 -All weapons will be blue (rare) or better.

 -Bandages have been removed. (Good because no one uses them in this game mode anyway.)

 -Using gliders is now free and won’t take up an inventory slot that could go to other important items.

 -Players will start the game off with materials now instead of none.

 -Skill-based matchmaking has been turned off for this game mode.

 -The elimination goal will be increased to 125 kills.

The beauty of games like Fortnite is there are endless possibilities and ways to constantly be refreshing the game and giving it new life. Regardless of how people feel about it and its predominantly 12-year-old fanbase, games like this will stand the test of time because they can constantly be reinvented, and I can only imagine as we progress the world of gaming we’ll see more games like it.

Enjoy Chapter 2 Season 2!

Source article with new season trailer.

Image from Unsplash account YTCount.