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Exclusive CAEI Update: Here Is When The Next A-level Exams Will Take Place

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The Cambridge Assessment `International Education exams, the CAIES will reportedly take place next year. And, the overall schedule for 2021’s A-level exams will see a 3-weeks postponement. Although the Secretary of State for Eduction of the United Kingdom Gavin Williamson hasn’t announced a revised plan as of yet, he is expected to release the changes later this week. The 2021 CAIE examinations are tentatively set to commence in late May, and they will continue through mid-July. That is if the pandemic is brought substantially under control.

This year the GCSE examinations were canceled owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, and students were graded arbitrarily on the basis of teachers’ recommendations and their academic performance throughout the year. When Cambridge released the grades, however, it created a public outcry Cambridge was subsequently forced to revise its policies, and students were awarded their teachers predicted grades if they were higher than the ones calculated by the board.

This new move follows the return of students back to the classroom for the first time since March last month. Following the resumption of schools, Willamson had teased a potential delay in next year’s examination schedule, although it was largely unconfirmed till now. As for now the general public, Labour, and student unions are calling for the government to delay A-level and O-level exams to allow them time to catch up on mixed work. As for now, the government is working with the school and college stakeholders, Ofqual, and exam boards to make sure “exams in 2021 are fair”.