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Ex-Girlfriend Anne Hache Says Relationship With Ellen DeGeneres Ruined Her Career

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Anne Heche appeared on Monday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars, where she revealed how her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres back in the 90s cost her, her career. Ellen and Heche met in 1997, at the Vanity Fair party. Sparks flew when they first encountered each other, and it subsequently led them to a relationship. Heche made her first public appearance with Ellen during the red carpet screening of her movie Volcano. Although Hechce was warned against taking Ellen to the screening, she did it anyway, without giving into any of her studio’s demands.

From that very moment; however, Heche’s career spiraled down. First, she was barred from attending the success party for Volcano, out of the fear of people’s reactions to seeing her with a woman. And then, for at least the next ten years, major studios refused to hand out meaty roles to the actress. Heche was also fired from a multi-millionaire dollar project following her revelation about being gay. She was shut out from major Hollywood movies and denied work in a studio picture for several years.

Heche and DeGeneres broke up in 2000. During their time together, the two were one of the few openly gay couples in Hollywood. The two were together for three and a half years, and Heche holds the relationship in very high regard even today.

"I am proud that I took a stand early in my life for LGBTQ rights, and I would do it again, even knowing its consequences on my career," says Heche.