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Ex-Porn Star Mia Khalifa Is Now A TikTok Celebrity

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The past few months have been a crazy roller-coaster ride for ex-porn star and current sports commentator Mia Khalifa. First, she underwent a rhinoplasty surgery, and soon afterwards she fell victim to an internet death hoax. Fortunately, though, Khalifa is very much alive and she has joined TikTok to make her presence felt online


In an interview with Mashable, Mia Khalifa mentioned that TikTok, unlike Instagram made her feel welcome online. Khalifa had received a lot of hate on social media over the years, prompting her to mute comments and restrict its use for only business purposes. TikTok; however, is different, as Khalifa explains, it is an engaging platform where people support each other.

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"As soon as I joined TikTok I found this whole new world where I can actually read the comments, and not feel like I should have them turned off," said Khalifa, "and actually want to engage with the people commenting… they feel like my friends."

Mia Khalifa’s pornography stint had lasted only a few months between 2014 and 2015, but she remained popular on Pornhub for 3 years after quitting the industry. While she was filming the adult movies, Khalifa sparked controversy for donning a Hijab. But in recent interviews, she addressed the backlash and explained how she was forced to put on religious veil by the industry moguls. Khalifa also audaciously spoke about the dark secrets of the industry, while criticizing its lack of compensation.

TikTok has given Mia an accepting community, and she is effectively using the platform to promote awareness about the extreme horrors of the mainstream porn industry post-traumatic stress and shame that comes along with it.