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Fact and Fiction Meet: Fantastic Beasts Natural History Museum Exhibit

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More Harry Potter goodness coming your way. It was recently announced that Warner Brothers, the Natural History Museum, and The BBC have all teamed up to bring a never before seen exhibit to the legendary London museum: one that presents fact and fiction side by side as scientific discoveries.

The exhibit will feature fabricated animal bones and fossils from beasts created for the Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter franchises. They will be displayed alongside real-life specimens of the natural world to spark interest in science and animal conservation in a new and creative way. The exhibit intends to explore Newt Scamander and the work he does with the fantastic beasts to deliver the message of the importance of animal conservation in real life and parallel how similar our fantastic beasts can be to the fictitious ones.

This is an incredible idea to get more young people into science and actually caring about the world around them. It’s unfortunate we must use tactics such as this to gain interest, but whatever helps deliver important messages to help our planet is worth doing.

In addition to being able to visit the exhibit, The BBC’s role in this is co-producing a documentary exploring the exhibit blending the natural history with the lore of Harry Potter. The exhibit is set to open in spring of this year, so get ready to buy your tickets.

For more info, check out the article from The Telegraph here!

Image from Ren Zo on Unsplash.