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#Facts - #2 , The Mysterious Earth.

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DARKLING beetle lives in the desert where it's hard to find a drink. It has special method- it sticks its front end into the sand and leaves its back end sticking up at night. Fog condenses on its behind, then runs downs the beetle's body into its mouth. Ingenious !

2. A mushroom from Africa, called the Ladyin veil, that grow faster than any other organism in the worlds. It grows up to 20 centimeter (8 inches) in

only 20 minutes, and can be heard cracking as its grows !

3.Oysters can change sex several times during their lives.

4. Scientist Laurence M klauber (1883-1968) was known as 'Mr Rattlesnake'. He collected 35,000 pickled snakes and reptiles over his life. ( He didn't eat

them- they were pickled to preserve them for study!).

5. Tree grow from their tops - so if you carve your name into a tree when you ( and the tree) are small it will still be at the same height when you are old.

6. Few trees communicate using chemicals. If a wood-eating bug attacks one, the tree releases chemicals into the air, which prompt other trees in the area to produce a poison that deters the bugs.

7 .The gulper eel lives in the deep sea, up to 5 kilometers(3.1 miles) down and it can grow to meters (6.6 feet) long. Its hinged mouth open to more than 180

egrees, allowing it to swallow enormous prey even bigger than itself.

8. Few types of plants and animals have evolved to live in the most hostile places such as inside volcanic vents, at the bottom of vast caves, and even deep under the sea.

# Thanks for reading. Have a good day.