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Fast Food Competitors Come Together For a Great Cause

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McDonald's may not be known for healthy top-notch food, but they have always had a pretty great reputation of doing their part to help those in need. The Ronald McDonald House foundation has been helping less-fortunate families in need since 1974. Recently, the powerhouse fast-food chain planned a charity day in which all proceeds from Big Mac sales would go to children's cancer research. What an honorable cause!

But it gets better!

To stand in solidarity of helping others, arguably McDonald's biggest competitor, Burger King, made a generous statement as well. The day of McDonald's Big Mac charity day, Burger King stopped the sale of ALL whoppers for the full day to encourage people to go to McDonald's for their unnecessarily over-sized burgers to help the worthy cause.

What a great way to take advantage of marketing tactics and help kids in need! That's what this world should be all about.

Marketing advertisement courtesy of Burger King and McDonalds

Marketing advertisement courtesy of Burger King and McDonalds