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Fearless Desires

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Funny because I’m still thinking about you now. How the sand that touches my feet reminds me of your soft embraces. How the cold October breeze takes me back to that faithful December night. The setting sun as fiery as your desire to share your passion to the world. The melody of the crushing waves echoes your soft voice whispering comforting words I dig too much. Funny how these little things make me miss you even after all the years that have passed. How your dark, gentle eyes speaks thousands of mysteries and emotions, some I can hardly fathom and name. How your calloused yet warm hands intertwine between my little ones, perfectly fits as I remember it vividly. How you talk about your dreams and desires, of how passionate you are as you lay your soul bare in front of me. I miss those moments. I miss how we argue on the littlest of things, making big deal out of a mole hill just for us to find ourselves later having a common ground. Arguments that kept as true to our identities and beliefs. Beliefs that eventually kept us apart.

Continuing my slow pace, looking at the masterpiece of that sunset, your smiling face flashed in front of me. A gentle, passionate soul trapped in a very strong man. Five years may have passed but I still have your letters and sticky notes kept in my little brown box. Reminding myself that once in my broken-state someone reached for my hand, lifted my spirit and resurrected my dying grace.

The Random Girl From Downtown