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#FebruaryContest More than One Proof of the Universe

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Is there really a universe other than the one we inhabit now? Modern physics theory justifies it. Based on that theory, the universe is not just one, the world is a multiverse world.

The universe in which we live is in a bubble where there is another universe in it. Collisions between universes are possible.

Physicists from University College America (UCA) are now developing ways to detect traces of the collision. They made sky simulations with or without collisions and developed basic algorithms to determine images that match the cosmic microwave radiation data from NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Aniostropy Probe (WMAP).

The method developed by scientists was published in the journal Physics Review Letters and Physical Review D, published in July 2019. The algorithm developed has efficacy because it can solve problems that are often faced today in detecting traces of collisions between universes.

"All the patterns obtained in random data are too easy to interpret more (such as the claim of Mahatma Gandhi's sculptured face on Mars which turned out to be a mountain image). So we are careful about looking at the data, how is it possible that this collision sign is just a coincidence," said Daniel Mortlock, UCL scientist involved in this research.

Mortlock said, by developing methods to detect collisions, the theory that the world consists of many universes can be proven or refuted. During this time, several claims of the discovery of collision tracks between universes exist, but it is not certain that the traces referred to are the result of a collision or just noise in the data. As quoted by Physorg, Wednesday (3/8/2011), Stephen Feeney, a UCL student involved in the study revealed, "This research provides an opportunity to prove a truly surprising theory, that we exist in a multiverse world, where other universes also exist in it."