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Find Maturity not Compatibility.

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"Don't look for Compatibility, find Maturtiy"

One thing I've learned over the years of experiencing love myself or even looking at other people stories or reading it through eyes that speaks a thousand words about how it all broke in peices, is that Compatibility is not the first thing you should look for after falling in love.

You know, We all have been there. Standing on the side helplessly, when everything was falling apart as if it was never even meant to be in the first place, as if all the broken pieces never ever use to fit together in one beautiful shape of love. All of it, the heartbreaks, the lessons, the emptiness, everything has just taught me one thing. Don't find compatibility.Find Maturity. Two people can never be the same on everything. Your likes, views, ideals,sleep schedules,way of closure, something has to be different. You can never be fully compatible. But you can be mature. Look for maturity. See that when you two disagree then instead of breaking everything you built, you two can get through it all with a mutual understanding. And let me break it down further, Maturity isn't about not fighting or not questioning one another or not hurting your significant other whilst going through a rought patch. But it's all about being able enough to look into each other's side of the story afterwards, when some calmness hits you and then you two are ready to make it work. Be mature enough to understand that You two are equals. Lovers. Team. And That is what is all needed in the first place. Maturity. And someday when you will find it with the right will all be worth waiting🖤 ~deepika.