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Finland's PM Sanna Marin Wore A Blazer With Nothing Underneath And Now A Sexism Debate Has Started

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Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, who holds the designation of the third-youngest state serving leader, just posed in a Blazer wearing nothing underneath, and now the entire world thas erupted into a sexism debate. Marin, 34, was photographed wearing a smart black trouser suit with a plunging neckline for the cover of fashion magazine Trendi. Although Marin had told the magazine that she wanted to concentrate on her policies, she, nevertheless, found herself unknowingly mired in a sexism row. Politicians and the general public have mixed reactions to Marin’s bold photoshoot. While some find it a courageous move, others find it inappropriate considering Marin’s political status.

Fans of the Finnish leader posted similar images of themselves on social media under the hashtag #imwithsanna, while some posted topless photos of male world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. One of Marin’s admirers turned out to be the acclaimed Finnish actress Kiti Kokkonen who posted images of herself in the same pose as Marin to lend her support to her. Singer Hanna Pakarinen also followed suit.

“Everyone should be allowed to live in such a way that their personality, dignity and professional skills are not determined by grabbing irrelevant flower stalks,” Kokkonen wrote on Instagram.

Rosianne Cutajar, Malta’s junior minister for equality and reforms also announced her support for Marin. She said that no matter what office women hold, they are still judged on the basis of appearance and that is a very sexist stereotype. Latvian welfare minister Ramona Petraviča said politicians “must be judged by their achievements, not their looks”.

Source: Independent UK