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Fire At Romania Hospital Kills Covid Patients.

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Saturday, November 14, shattering fire swept through the Romanian hospital engulfing at least 10 individuals. Seven victims, however, are still in critical condition. Unfortunately, a fire broke out in an intensive care ward treating coronavirus patients at Piatra Neamt county hospital Romania. 

The scorching blaze spread through the intensive care ward designated for coronavirus patients at the public hospital in the city of Piatra Neamt. According to Irina Popa (the spokeswoman for the local Emergency Situations Inspectorate), the fatalities in this unpredictable accident are all COVID-19 patients. Yet, only one of them does not belong to the patient category. 

One courageous doctor who dares to save his patients from this roasting atmosphere is critically injured with severe burns. Primarily, he is admitted to ICU for immediate treatment. 80% of the physician’s body suffers first and second-degree burns. According to the latest news resources, the doctor is being shifted to another hospital in Bucharest.

Romania's Health Minister Nelu Tataru responded about this calamity and said that the fire was "most likely triggered by a short circuit".

The disastrous fire flooded two intensive care room housing16 critical patients. Six of the lucky survivors are being transferred to another coronavirus hospital located in the eastern city of Lasi. The Piatra Neamt hospital will continue to run its Intensive care services in a premise set on another floor. 

As per News reports from Romania, the Piatra Neamt Regional Emergency Hospital has a known blurry reputation. The government-appointed administrators usually ignore the supervision of the proper health services.

The hospital’s present manager Mr. Lucian Micu has joined the hospital only three weeks ago. The hospital's previous manager, in fact, left the job because he was not satisfied with the standard of treatment rendered in the hospital. The manager resigned because many suspected COVID-19 patients are strained to wait outside in the cold waiting for their turn. 

This burning calamity has set the deadliest fire in the country. Back in 2015, there was a massive fire outbreak in Bucharest. The tragedy killed 65 people.

Source: BBC World