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Fireball Meteor Lights Up Sky In Japan

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An object emitting an intense light had been spotted falling from the skies above western Japan in the early hours of the morning. Snapshots have been caught from the vicinities of Mie, Aichi to take the image of the fireball in the southern sky at 1:34 a.m.  The meteor was spotted descending towards the earth for a few seconds. It emits a powerful light while it travels downward.

Residents from Kansai, Tokai, and Shikoku regions share their excitement on Social media about this unusual scene.  The most unique feature of this meteor is that "It made a rumbling noise," (Twitter report ) 

Another post reported, "The sky went totally bright." A Japanese news report stated the evidence of a person living in the city of Matsuyama, Ehime region. According to the witness, the glow could be caught through closed curtains. 

It is said that the fireball is a bolide ( a genre of shooting star resembling the bright full moon. A young Japanese residing in Gifu captured the moment on his camera when this shooting star lit up. The meteor is seen on Sunday morning around 1:35 a.m. The director of the Akashi Municipal Planetarium(Takeshi Inoue) in Hyogo Prefecture, explained that shooting stars brighter than Venus are generally known as bolides, it is rare for them to be so bright. "We believe the last burst of light was as bright as the full moon," Takeshi said. According to The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, several fireballs are observed on a monthly average. However, nothing is being heard up till now. 

Source: Insider