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Fired Mercedes Employee Steals Earthmover, Destroys 70 Company Vehicles In Revenge

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The Mercedes Benz plant in Spain had quite an eventful New Year’s Eve after one former employee stormed inside one of their plants and damaged property worth $6 million.

A 38-year-old former Mercedes Benz employee consciously broke inside of a plant in Vitoria, Spain with help of a Caterpillar loader. According to reports, he stole the digger machine from a nearby construction company to drive to the plant in vengeance of a previous dispute regarding his short-term employment in 2016-2017.

The ex-employee managed to destroy about 70 V-class vans and had plans to enter the assembly line area where he could have caused even greater damage by attacking the newly assembled vehicles too. However, the intruder was unsuccessful in reaching the brand-new vehicles and continued causing mass wreckage of numerous vans outside of the main plant building.

The Basque regional police person reported that “He used the (earthmover) to attack 50 people carriers that were in the car park.”

However, a representative of the Mercedes Benz’s plant Inaki Andres Lozares contradicted with the statement, stating that about 70 vehicles were wrecked by the attacker’s rage.

Inaki also provided a little closure on the matter saying that the ex-employee had a relatively shorter employment period between 2016-2017 and was visibly cold with the company executives.

“he had some frustration, not only with the management but with the employees.” 

Inaki also told that with the assistance of the JPC, “He also tried to enter the factory floor.”

The attack initiated early Thursday, which is why, fortunately, the plant was active with a few managerial and security staff who were not reportedly hurt by the actions. Production was not running which is why much of the staff was absent and many new assembled passenger carriers were saved from the rage of the ex-worker.

According to some reports, the security guard had to fire a few shots to halt his insane action in order for the police to arrest him peacefully.

Inaki reported, “During the journey between the two sites, he caused other damage.

“Police arrived at the scene of the damage to find the man at the wheel of the JCB smashing into the parked vehicles.

“He was held on suspicion of causing criminal damage.”

The V-class van by the gigantic automobile company is a highly attractive vehicle for European buyers, with prices starting from 29,000 Euros and which contains a powertrain that provides a hybrid system for operation.

This event follows another controversy that took before New Year’s Eve for the Mercedes Benz Spain plant when current employees of the multinational company protested the layoff options. A new scheme by the company led to 10% to 15% layoff which prompted employees to gather in Vitoria on December 18th to oppose the decision. Workers who participated in the protests claimed that the company had already explored substitutes to the layoff issue, yet the executives went ahead with the plans.

Source: Gulf News