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Firefighters From Mexico Arrive To Help Fires In West Coast

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While the President of the United States has made it very clear that building a wall between Mexico and the US is the only way to keep out drugs and crime from the country, Mexico has now sent firefighters to aid the US wildfires in Oregon. 

Five firefighters from the Fire Department of Guanajuato in central Mexico, and their mayor, have reportedly landed in Oregon on Thursday. "Mutual help, brotherhood forever!!! #PrayforAshland 🇲🇽👨 🚒🇺🇲," the fire department posted to their Facebook page. "Guanajuato Mayor Alejandro Navarro and a volunteer team of the capital city's elite firefighters reported to officials in Ashland, Oregon to help fight the forest fires that have already left 800 miles of the state completely destroyed," they announced. 

The deadly fires have caused over 500,000 people within Oregon to flee their homes. The city of Guanajuato has shared education, aid, and resources with their sister city Ashland, Oregon for over 50 years, and they have shared that this is no time to hold back. 

The incident has been deeply moving and has even sparked outrage for some about Trump's lack of response to their help considering his negative views of the country. "Mexico is sending firefighters to help combat the U.S. West Coast Fires and as I recall, the president said they only send rapists, drug dealers, and criminals. I'm willing to bet he never, not even once, publicly thanks Mexico for sending help during these rough times," tweeted Don Vic, a user under the handle @vicpdx.