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First coursework

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Writing coursework is a must for every student. In today's environment of constant reform in the field of educational standards, it is especially important to take into account all the current requirements when writing any type of student work. A first-year student is obliged to comply with all the requirements and perform coursework strictly according to the requirements of the university. This is the reason why the first coursework is a serious test at the initial stage of university studies, if you are not ready for this test, you can ask for help at, where you will quickly and efficiently make the task.

The first coursework at a university, technical school, or college is most often theoretical in nature. It is aimed at developing the skills of independent work and the skills to design student papers in accordance with certain requirements.

The first coursework is a tough test. Most first-year students are used to writing essays and reports during their schooling, and, out of habit, try to create something similar to what they have done before. This is the main mistake first-year students make, so you can buy coursework and not worry about the result.

When writing the first coursework and all subsequent student papers, plagiarism is unacceptable. The citation must not exceed the percentage stated in the methodological recommendations and must contain a reference to the source in the list of literature. The overall originality of the entire coursework ranges from 60% to 85%. The percentage is set by each specific institution. Works with low originality are not allowed for defense.

A proper level of originality is one of the key concerns of students who are writing their first-ever coursework. In order to keep the originality of the text high, it is recommended that:

not to copy pieces of text from textbooks, articles, and other sources, but to analyze them, and, if necessary, to use citations, and if you have a topic related to a biographic essay, it is possible to ask for help on the biography writing services EssayAssistant;

do not download ready-made essays in order to pass them off as your own work;

as much as possible to add their own thoughts and conclusions on the topic of the coursework.

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