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First National Ukrainian Esports Cup To Be Held Next Week

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Ukraine officially recognized esports as an official sport in September of 2020 and now is set to have its first national esports cup set to take place next week hosted by the Ukrainian Esports Federation. The event will take place from January 18th through March 28th with a focus on competitive CS:GO.

This won't just be a small event either. Sponsors like Visa, LG, and Ukrainian tech brands like Eldorado and ExpertPC have all signed on to provide the kind of funding needed for such a wide-scale event. The prize pool for the event is 250,000 UAH or about $8,870 USD. The winners of the cup will also receive other bonuses like having jerseys, logos, and social media packages designed for the team as well as a full promotional photoshoot.

The tournament will allow anyone to enter alone in teams of up to five players across five major regions in the country that will be split up into sub-regions as needed. The top 12 teams overall will qualify for the Super League. The Super League will feature round-robin style matches with a best of three format for the first round before the top six teams move on to compete in a best of three single-elimination bracket for the playoffs.

“The first Ukrainian Esports Cup is a thrilling moment for esports in this country, representing a major step towards Ukraine becoming an esports hub of the future," Ivan Danishevsky, founder of cup sponsor Esports Charts commented. "We can’t wait for the inaugural tournament, which will deliver both pulsating entertainment and a chance for esports talent to breakthrough. We are confident that this is the beginning of what will become the pinnacle of the Ukrainian sporting calendar in the years to come.”

The Ukrainian Esports Federation will also be hosting giveaways with its partner ExpertPC to give two viewers a powerful custom-built gaming PC. It has also been promised that the Super League will allow betting on matches through Parimatch once it begins.