First time missing the downbeat...

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This is a personal experience happened on my friend. We are both orchestra musicians. We, as a group of musicians, are truly hoping that those kind of things won't be happened again in the future.

"Yesterday, for the first time in my entire life, I missed playing the beginning of a piece during a concert. It was a small orchestra and the players were scattered all over the place, not many were using the green room. There was a 20 minute or so talk after we finished playing the first half then a 20 minute intermission, which felt like forever on the previous day. Yesterday, three of us violinists, were in the green room. I was on my iPad working on scheduling and the other two were chatting. We were waiting for our usual 5 minute warning when I decided to go use the restroom and ask the manager how many more minutes we had before we start the second half. I opened the door of the green room and I felt something was weird, the hallway was completely deserted. I opened the next door and I heard music. I rushed back to the green room and alerted the other two players, who were in complete shock and disbelieve. Yep, they forgot to call us and just started playing. I still can’t believe that. There is always a first time."

When I just saw this story, I couldn't believe the conductor started to wave his baton before each player has been seated. Where were the stage manager, orchestra personnel manager and other stuff? No one was even wondering where are those missing persons? No matter what, hope we won't have those issues happened, because that is really a nightmare.

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