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Five Things Narcissist's Don't Understand?

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There are many things that narcissists don't seem to figure out. These are the best five that ring a bell.


1.) Although narcissists care especially about what outsiders think; in all actuality, said outsiders, for the most part, don't generally think about what narcissists decide to do or decide not to do in some random circumstance. 

2.) Narcissists don't seem to understand that their critical others have their desires, needs, and wants. 

3.) Narcissists don't seem to understand that there are people who make the best decision regardless of whether they don't have anything to pick up from deciding to do what they believe is correct.


4.) Narcissists don't seem to understand that their critical others (SOs) who may get an opportunity pull off unfeeling and additionally treachery arranged conduct without a site are not inclined to do what the narcissists would do to them in some random circumstance. 

5.) Narcissists don't seem to acknowledge, contingent upon the conditions and accepting they love their narcissist relationship accomplices. Many critical others would consider the outcomes and emotions.