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Florida man arrested after allegedly attacking his adult daughter with pizza.

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A father was arrested for assaulting his daughter with an odd weapon. Kristin Worden, 20, phoned the cops on her father when pizza was thrown at her. Following the incident, Indian River County Sheriff deputies arrested Tyler Worden, 41. He is charged with battery.

Tyler delivered a pizza to his daughter's home in Vero Beach, Florida, at approximately 3:50 p.m. on Sunday, May 23.  The unexpected visit came for supper with his daughter. 

Tyler's plan did not work out since his daughter refused to entertain her father.

Kristin told her father that she wasn't feeling well and asked him to leave, according to WHDH. Tyler began arguing instead of accepting his daughter's refusal. As the father and daughter claimed, he refused to leave the threshold.

Tyler allegedly walked out of the house after battling for a time. He reportedly hurled a slice of pizza at Kristin as he exited the front door before she could close it behind him.

The woman was injured in the face by the piece. The woman dialed 911 after the heated exchange.

Deputies arrived at the woman's residence in response to a domestic dispute report. It's unclear whether Tyler was still present when the cops came.

According to the Tampa Free Press, deputies saw Kristin had a crimson material on her face that could have been pizza sauce.

Tyler explained to the deputies who detained him that he had not intended to assault his daughter.  He told the deputies that he was enraged by his daughter's refusal to join him for pizza. 

When he walked out of the house, he assumed his daughter had already shut the door. 

He stated that he intended to hurl the slice at the door rather than at Kristin. In the affidavit, the deputies noticed that no topping or sauce was found on the door. Pizza toppings were thrown about on the ground near the entryway. 

Tyler's breath also had a distinct odor of alcohol, according to the deputies. Tyler was arrested and charged with assault. 

He was then taken to the Indian River County Jail.