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Florida Man Steals Kansas Police Patrol Car And Flees While Handcuffed

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A Florida man in police custody stole a patrol car and fled while being handcuffed.

KSN News reports that Joshua Swartwout, 23, was being transferred to a local detention center by a Kansas Highway Patrol officer. But the officer pulled over to assist a motorcycle crash on the way, giving Swartwout the opportunity to escape.

As the officer stepped out to deal with the accident, Swartwout plunged himself into the driver’s seat. He soon started the vehicle and escaped, much to the amazement of the officer who had handcuffed him.

The police immediately followed Swartwout on a chase. The fugitive drove to escape the sight of the police, but ultimately the patrol ran out of gas near the town of Edson. Police were quite close behind Swartwout when the car stopped, so he had no option but to rush out and attempt to escape on foot.

With his hands still cuffed behind his back, Swartout continued running for several hours. But ultimately the Kansas police managed to get hold of him. They put him back in a patrol and without any further difficultly, shifted him to county jail.