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Florida Man Turns Dead Uncle's Skeleton Into A Playable Guitar, Says His Uncle Would Be "Smiling Up From Hell"

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A Florida musician claims his late uncle would be "smiling up from hell" after turning his skeleton into a working electric guitar.

Filip Anax passed away in 1996. But little did he have an idea that after his passing his nephew Yaago Anax would make a musical instrument out of his remains. Yaago says that although his uncle was buried in Greece, he was repatriated from his native burial plot because it had become too expensive. And since the Greek Orthodox Church does not appreciate the idea of cremation, Yaago needed to figure out a way to dispose of his late uncle’s remains.

So when Yaago received his uncle’s skeleton, he decided to process it into an instrument. The 41-year-old rocker, who goes under the moniker Prince Midnight, says it took him several weeks of drilling and snapping to tune the skeleton into a playable instrument. He put the guitar neck through the ribcage and connected it electrically to his hip bones.

The spine however was too shaky, so Yaago fixed it with steel rods and brackets to ensure stable tuning. As Yaago ultimately finished the project, he tested the guitar for its sounds, and he claims that it works just as fine as a regular guitar.

Yaago insists that the guitar is the perfect way to honor Filip, who passed away in a tragic car accident when he was only 28. "Filip was a bit of a goofball but was very serious about guitar and heavy metal. I built the guitar as an homage to my uncle and his influence on me as a heavy metal guitar player.

He claimed the reaction to his gruesome yet impressively technical creation had been wholly positive.