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Florida Woman Arrested After Sneaking Into School And Posing As Student To Promote Her Instagram Page

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A woman has been arrested in Florida for entering a school and posing as a student to get more followers for Instagram.

Audrey Nicole Francisquini, 28, stealthed her way into American Senior High School in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, on Monday, May 10, 2021. Shortly afterward, she was arrested and charged with burglary, interference with an educational institution and resisting an officer without violence. According to the arrest report, she had been able to blend in with other students by wearing a backpack, dressing similarly to them and carrying a skateboard.

While she was in the school, Francisquini approached students and handed them pamphlets with her Instagram details printed on them, asking them to follow her page.

According to the police report which was filed upon the influencer’s arrest,Francisquini was also using her phone to record herself while walking through the school.

The school administration remained largely unaware that there was a trespasser on campus. But later a student advised of a 'potential threat on campus', security guards found her wandering through the halls and confronted her, but she simply told them she was trying to find the registration office.

However, the police report said that instead of making her way to the office, she continued to walk through the school stopping students - eventually being stopped by security for a second time.

After refusing to stop what she was doing, Francisquini left the building and fled the school property, with CBS News reporting she left through a side door leading to the faculty parking lot.

But this wasn't the end of the story, as police were fortunately able to use her Instagram account to find her.