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Florida Women, Who Was Missing For 3 Weeks, Found Naked In A Storm Drain

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A naked woman has been rescued from DELRAY BEACH, Fla after she was trapped in a storm drain.


Delray Beach Fire Rescue spokeswoman Dani Moschella explained that the lady was trapped in a storm drain along Southwest 11th Avenue set south of Atlantic Avenue.

A passerby walking near the location heard the woman‘s voice calling from the storm drain. He then immediately called 911 just before 9 a.m.

Hence, the 911-rescue team reached the destination and saviors removed the drain's grate. The rescue people used a ladder to help the woman climb out of the sewage. 

The woman was pretty mindful. She even communicates with the firefighters. 

She was taken to Delray Medical Center for emergency treatment and further evaluation. According to Moschella,  "You could look at her and see, she was down there for some time," 


Delray Beach police spokesman Ted White suggests that she had been in the storm drain system for "a significant time -- perhaps days, perhaps weeks."

One of the close friends of the trapped woman, Michael Hahn, says that he knew the 43-year-old Lyndsey Kennedy's family for nearly 10 years and that the family is seeking privacy at this time. 

Kennedy told authorities she survived off of an unopened can of ginger ale, which she found while inside the storm drain.

Kennedy told the rescue team that she noticed a door while swimming in a canal leading to a series of tunnels. The lady, thus, got lost in for three weeks. The lady survives on ginger ale during her confinement.

Lyndsey Kennedy is currently staying with her mother. Kennedy’s mother, however, reveals that her daughter has a history of mental illness and drug use.