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Floyd Mayweather Bought Infant Grandson a Diamond-Encrusted Rolex

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Floyd Mayweather has gifted his five-week-old grandson a diamond-encrusted Rolex. Mayweather’s daughter Yaya gave birth to a boy, Kentrell Junior, with rapper NBA Youngboy in December of 2020. The watch appears to be a customized Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, which could have cost hundreds of thousands. Mayweather’s grandson was also pictured on a private jet recently.

According to The Sun, the watch is a Jacob & Co’s Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette. Mayweather has his own collection of watches. In a recent interview Mayweather said, "Now if I go on vacation, my fault, when I go on paycation for 30 days, I take 30 watches with me. But you know what, what’s crazy is this: If we add ten more days, I take ten more watches. But then I say, ‘f*** it,’ if I want to bring out the one and only, then I bring out the watch that costs $18m (£13.8m).” 

Some of his followers were not impressed by the watch with one person commenting, “Sums him up. I think it looks gaudy like something you’d get in a lucky bag…. Not sure if you can still get lucky bags.” Another said, “Money has only bought this man gaudy accessories. The state of this… Looks like a lucky bag….” A third person commented, “I feel I need a degree in astrology just to be able to read that thing.”

Others were more positive with one person saying, “Floyd Mayweather bought [his] grandson a Rolex and he is only a couple of months old…I love to see it! The amount of hate comments is ridiculous.” Some people just could not believe the entire situation. One person tweeted, “Floyd Mayweather got his grandson a Rolex before he can count to 3…”