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Folks Ed: 5 Tips For Working From Home

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As Covid-19 sweeps the globe a lot of people have been sent home, laptops in hand, to try and carry on as normal. For many working from home means distraction, lack of ability to separate your home and work life, and inevitably decreased productivity. Not to worry dear readers Folkspaper has some solutions for you to help you push through this shakeup in your work life!

1. Set Up Your Home Office

A dedicated space separate from your leisure and family space is a great way to cut down on losing your productivity and keep your brain in “work mode” while you’re out of the office. Half of the dining room table, a desk, even a tray table with a chair in the corner of your bedroom all work great for creating that dedicated space. Avoid working in front of the TV or from bed. You want to find a place your brain can start to associate with switching gears to get into work mode.

2. Stick to A Routine

Working from home often turns into sleeping in, working in off-hours, and the loss of routine. Effective people working from home tend to have a routine and tend to still get dressed (working in your PJs is fun for a day but definitely throws you off in the long run). Getting dressed and going for a short walk or out to grab a coffee helps to jumpstart your brain. You may not realize how much moving around in the morning helps you get into work mode, even if you drive to work you are still walking to the car and walking from the car to the office. Work the same hours you normally would, take the same time for lunch (that’s right it's worse for your productivity to suddenly start working through your lunch because you’re home), and try not to deviate during work hours to do other activities.

3. Don’t Do Non-Work Things

Look we all feel the pull of Netflix. It’s right there and full of delightful distractions and cool shows that we could all totally watch while we work, and the new animal crossing is due to come out any day now, and one game of overwatch wouldn’t hurt anyone. Don’t fall into the trap, the biggest suck to productivity is switching your brain out of work mode. I’m a big fan of the no non-work screens while working rule. Essentially if you wouldn’t sit down in the office and watch the Great British Bake Off then don’t do it during work hours, those distractions will be the biggest danger to your productivity.

4. Don’t Forget to Clock Out

Burn out is a surprisingly big problem when working from home. Working from home should be less stressful, you aren’t commuting, you have fewer people around, and you have a lot more control over your environment than normal. This often isn’t the reality because suddenly there isn’t the boundary created by going home. People often end up working longer hours and missing meals as a result of working and living all in one place. Don’t forget to let your workday end if you work 9-5, work 9-5, don’t suddenly find yourself working 9-9 every day!

5. Communication is Key

Don’t end up isolated because you’re working from home! Make sure you are communicating with your team members to make sure that your workload is spread out evenly and to make sure that you are getting some of that sweet sweet human interaction that we all secretly crave. Communicate with your friends as well! Make sure that you are interacting with people, remember we live in a digital age and there’s no reason to stay socially isolated just because you are physically isolated!