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Folks Ed: What are Columns

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As you are browsing the Folkspaper platform you may notice small blue ribbons on the top right-hand corner of certain posts. These posts are columns, a special type of post available to verified users that represents either a longer piece, a type of post that they do regularly, or an ongoing series of posts. Writers use this feature to tell their readers what they can expect more of from their account and to tell users that they can look forward to more content like that post!

Verified users can mark their posts as columns with the click of a button in the composer. There is a button on the bottom bar of the composer labeled as “column”. When this button is clicked and is lit up orange that topic will be marked as a column when it is posted!

Columns are a great way for you to add extra emphasis to a piece you’ve put extra research and effort into, and for your readers to recognize when you’ve written something longer or that you think deserves special attention.

When to use the column feature:

• When a series of posts are connected to each other

• When you’ve written a long, detailed, and research-heavy piece.

• If you are writing a regular piece of content that readers can expect more of.

Are you interested in becoming a verified user so you can use the column feature? Stay tuned to learn about our verification process!