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Folks Ed: What is Power and how do I use it?

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If you’ve been clicking around the Folkspaper app I’m sure you’ve noticed a lightning bolt in your navigation bar labeled “Power Station” or have seen the icon other places in the app. Power can be thought of as the “in-game currency” for the Folkspaper platform.

You can get power a few different ways in the Folkspaper app:

• By purchasing it through the Power Station using your local currency

• By earning it as a reward through a referral program or other special task set by Folkspaper

• By being tipped by another user for your content contributions

• By answering ask the author questions sent by other users

 Once you have power it can be cashed out (this only applies to power that you did not purchase) or it can be spent within the Folkspaper platform. On the Folkspaper platform, you can use power to purchase folks seals to anchor your content to the Ethereum blockchain, to tip authors using emojis to show them you appreciate their content or to boost a comment through the ask the author feature to encourage the author to respond to your question. Power is the backbone of the Folkspaper ecosystem, and once you start to use it you will gain access to more and more features.