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Folks Ed: Why Do You Need My Phone Number?

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When you logged into Folkspaper for the first time since our latest update you were prompted to verify your phone number if you had not already done so. Phone verification has always been required to fully use all the features of the folkspaper platform however previously we didn’t ask for your phone number until you were cashing out. So why have things changed?

Folkspaper wants our platform and therefore your earnings to be as secure as possible so that you can post, earn, protect, and learn without worrying, and do that we need to be able to make sure you are the one benefitting from all your hard work. We use two-factor authentication when you cash out your earnings so that we know that it’s you that is cashing out your earnings.

Here at Folkspaper, we want to create a community where everyone can benefit and get rewarded. In order to make sure people are being rewarded fairly we need to ensure that everyone has an equal footing to start with on the platform and is set up to succeed. In order to ensure that official Folkspaper rewards are being distributed fairly we need to ensure that each person has an equal chance to receive them, which means we only allow a user to have a single account.

The final and very important reason why Folkspaper needs your phone number also relates to proving that an account is authentic and unique. Folkspaper is not a currency exchange and because of that, we cannot allow users to purchase power in one currency, tip it to themselves, and then cash out in a different currency, even if they are doing so with multiple accounts.

So why do we need your phone number?

• To protect your account when you are cashing out.

• To ensure that we can continue the Folks Rewards program and incentives fairly.

• Because Folkspaper is not a currency exchange and can not function as one.

Folkspaper will never sell your phone number or use it for any other undisclosed reasons, we just want to make the best platform we can and reward our users for their hard work and using phone authentication is just one more step in the right direction.