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Folkspaper Staff Announcement: Cashout Changes

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After a lot of testing the Folkspaper Team is excited to announce that our cash-out option for fiat currency is up and running through our payment processing partner PayPal! Power, the Folkspaper in-app currency, now has a value tied to the US Dollar to provide users with a more stable valued currency to help support them as creators. Folkspaper will continue to support Bitcoin cash-out and you can read about the different ways you can cash out below!

How do I cash out in Paypal?

With the folkspaper platform, you are able to cash out Power that has been tipped to you or earned other ways (but not that you’ve purchased) in the power station. To cash out simply click transfer at the bottom of the power station page, enter the amount of power you want to withdraw and your PayPal account information, click send code, enter the code, and hit transfer!

How do I cash out In Bitcoin?

With the folkspaper platform you are able to cash out Power that has been tipped to you but not that you’ve purchased (unfortunately folkspaper is not currently able to act as a currency exchange) through the power station, just hit exchange, scroll to the bottom, click cash out using Bitcoin, and input the information (don’t forget to double-check your bitcoin address) and you’re all set!