Forgo For Eyes

Boston, MA Franklin St

I need new contacts. I call For Eyes downtown to see their pricing and if they took my insurance. I was put on hold and then when the lady came back, told me she they take my insurance and my form of payment.

I rush over like a maniac straight from work to make my appointment. I enter and am ignored. After waiting several minutes, what looks to be a teenager asks me what I need. I explain I had called about my insurance. She tells me to wait again while she answers calls. In hospitality, you never keep the person in front of your eyes waiting for a phone call.

She says my insurance is good and I give her my payment of Care Credit. She swipes and asks for a pin. Care Credit doesn’t have PIN numbers. I explain it to her and her response was, then I guess we don’t take it. What?! After all the calls and waiting, that’s the answer. Again, I say it has a separate payment machine and she repeats about the pin again.

I am becoming louder and the doctor comes out to say that they must not take my card. He isn’t sure. I said you aren’t sure! I called and came here, I know your company takes this card. He says although he was afflicted with For Eyes, he makes his own rules. Thanks for telling me over the phone you didn’t know what your own company takes for payment! Idiots.

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