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Formula 1

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Hey Everyone!

All the automobile lovers here.

I am here to tell you some interesting facts in the most simple way that every car lover must know:

Lets know about Formula 1:

Formual 1 racing officially started in the year 1950 and it just completed its 70 years.

ell who doesn't wants to ride a F1 car hearing that engine rumbling.

Speed so high and ground sticking ability is the reason that tires wear out soon in the race. Thus we see the drivers pitting and changing tires frequently.

The Cars are not normal. Compete it even with a supercar. I bet F1 car will beat it. Its to its cornering abilities and quick acceleration that must be appreciated.

Highest downforce, aerodynamics, quick launch, performance and shattering exhaust sound makes this machine a pinnacle of design and catch for the eye.

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