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Freelance Opportunities to Make Extra Cash for 2020

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With the cost of living rising and wages not keeping up in most industries, many are turning to freelance work to make ends meet. Still others use freelance income to afford a special gift or project, and search for short-term or one-off gigs. Some, however, reject the notion of freelance work, thinking that there's no place for their skills. If that sounds like you, here are a few gigs you might not have considered:

1. Proofreading and Editing

It seems like writing gigs pop up left and right these days. But even if you don't feel suited for a job in content creation, you might feel more comfortable in editing. Companies often hire part-time or temporary positions to edit and proofread their publications and projects, so search those job boards!

2. Tutoring

I believe that we all have skills to share, and a lot of online tutoring companies agree. Searching for online tutoring gigs can be lucrative, and many even make it a full-time income stream, teaching anything from languages, math, and science to auto repair, cooking, and sewing.

3. Delivery

Do you think that ridesharing is the only way to earn income driving? Think again. Especially with the holiday season underway, companies like to hire part-time and temporary help in making local deliveries. Just be sure that you set your rate to cover vehicle maintenance and insurance, or you might end up in the red!

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