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French Woman Has Been Fighting For Three Years To Prove She Is Not Dead

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A French lady recently went to court on Monday to prove that she is undeniably alive. The French Judiciary has declared Jeanne Pouchain dead since 2017 during a decade long case filed by Pouchain’s former employee on claims of wrongful dismissal.

In 2016, the former employee informed in an appeal case that Pouchain has been dead as she had not answered her letters. Without investigative efforts, the court passed a ruling, declaring Pouchain to be dead, leading the employer to lose her official documents.

“I have no identity papers, no health insurance, I cannot prove to the banks that I am alive … I’m nothing,” Jeanne stated.

The 2016 appeal came after a 2009 case filed by the employee with the assistance of Prud’hommes, in attempts to sue Pouchain and her cleaning company for wrongful removal. Since the employee did not provide a follow-up claim, the case was dismissed. In vengeance, the employee accomplished in making the court declare her employer as dead after which the court ordered Pouchain’s family to pay back the appealer for the loss.

Pouchain claimed that the ex-employee put forward the information to claim money from her family after she was unsuccessful in her earlier attempts. Responding to Pouchain, the ex-employee’s lawyer asserted that Pouchain feigned her death to avoid paying the charges.

Pouchain’s lawyer Sylvain Cormier was appalled by the court's fact-finding abilities.

“…I never thought that a judge would declare someone dead without a certificate….”

Pouchain is still fighting for the ruling to be changed after it caused her great misery and pain.

“State agencies tell me I am no longer dead, but that I am not yet alive. I'm in the making!” Pouchain informed the AFP.