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Frenchman Jailed for Killing Wife and Burning the Body

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Jonathann Daval, a frenchman, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the "almost perfect domestic crime" of killing his wife, Alexia Daval, and partially burning her body. The body was originally found in 2017, near the town of Gray in France, and her husband has reported that she went missing after a run.

The body was found after that, and Jonathann initially denied having anything to do with the incident. He confessed to the crime later on.

After the body was found, the over 10,000 residents of Gray took to the streets to march, since it was such a shocking incident for the town. Daval was in tears during the news conference relating to his wife's murder, before his prosecution. After admitting to the murder, he confirmed that he was the only person involved in the incident after changing his story several times. 

Source: BBC