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fresh mushroom

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fresh mushroom

Like our name, Mushroomburger, the mushrooms came before the burgers in terms of our business. We've been masters of mushrooms since the late 70s. While these fleshy fungi get their origin from the ground, ours was in Caloocan City. We were among the first to recognize the humble mushroom's potential for commercial greatness as an edible product. We took lessons learned from Taiwan and expanded and improved upon them in order to cultivate the best possible mushrooms. 

You know how some businesses like to frame their first sale? We owe ours to major hotels and restaurants in the Metro Manila area. People started to love our mushrooms so much, in fact, that we had to relocate our farm and upgrade our facilities within months. Our headquarters after we moved is one of the same great facilities food delivery philippines that we still operate from today. Since 1978, Tagaytay City has been where our main magic happens for all things mushroom.


One fine day at our Tagaytay store, a customer made a comment on how mushrooms were more expensive than mushroom beef in his country. Certainly this means they could make for a better burger than beef, he reasoned. As the mushroom dishes saying goes, the customer is always right, and that was the day our first Mushroomburger was born.

Our Mushroomburger

The signature Mushroomburger patty was created back in 1979. mushroom fast foodmushroom Still to everyone's surprise, it is approximately made up of 50% mushrooms and 50% real fresh mushroom beef.

I have a distinct advantage in that the major source of my ingredient comes from my own farm. Customers can therefore be assured that only the best mushrooms are used in my burger.