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Friendly Reminders as the U.S. Presidential Race Ramps Up

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I don’t normally speak on political topics and mainly share news about pop culture or other fun, relevant things. But every once in a while, I feel I've got to touch on certain topics to make it known that just because I don’t speak on politics, doesn’t mean I'm not paying attention. Now that doesn't mean I’m here to lay out my political leanings, take a side, or condemn anyone. I’m just here with a few friendly reminders as the election ramps up this year and things start getting messy, as they always tend to do.

1. For people politically outspoken: Just as everyone has a right to express their opinions, everyone equally has a right to keep those opinions to themselves. So just because someone is not as vocal as you or doesn’t post stuff about the election on Facebook, doesn’t mean they don’t care. Encouraging people to be involved and make their voices heard is great, but individuals also have the right to choose to be quiet about their political beliefs.

2. For people who don’t want to vote because everyone is corrupt: Every one of our presidential candidates has a checkered past, yes. Whether you are Republican, Liberal, Independent, or anywhere in between, these people have skeletons in their closet as we all do as humans. Remember to look at values and platforms over instances in lack of judgement or bad decisions. One of these people will be representing our country in the end. There are no other options. So do your research, and vote for the person you feel you can support despite controversies.

3. For everyone: Be kind, to the best of your ability. It’s no secret our current President has incited a lot of anger and hate in the four short years he’s been president, and it’s hard to hold back feelings and opinions with some aggressive statements, but we all still have to coexist, so every once in a while think twice before you verbally attack someone with your opinions.

Image from Element5Digital on Unsplash.