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Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy | Cancel Flight

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If it has been less than 24 hours since the time you originally purchased the ticket, you can cancel at no cost to you. Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy says if you purchased a standard ticket and need to cancel or change your flight 60+ days prior to departure, you will not have to pay a fee. If you need to cancel or change your flight 59 to 7 days prior to departure, you will pay a fee of $39 per passenger to do so. If you purchased your flight 6 days or less before its scheduled departure and need to cancel, the cost to do so it $59.

Tickets may be canceled in the event of special events/situations such as serious illness or death of the ticketed passenger or his/her close family member. However, you must present the necessary documents to confirm the reason for the cancellation.

Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy says depending on the specific conditions of the ticket purchased or the Frontier Flight Cancellation Policy, you may be required to pay such an amount as a fee.

Reservations must be changed or canceled prior to the flight's scheduled check-in time (45 minutes and 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time for domestic and international flights, respectively).

Failure to follow the airline's other policies along with the cancellation policy may cause inconvenience. In this case, you may have to cancel your flight. This may be the case, especially with Frontier Airlines baggage policies.