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'Frozen 2' Reignites the Debate Around LGBTQ Representation

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Fans of Disney's 'Frozen' franchise waited in anticipation for the release of the new feature film, 'Frozen 2,' released November 22nd. One of film's protagonists, Elsa, has always been at the center of the LGBTQ debate, so critics and fans alike were eager to see if the franchise's second installment solved the mystery of Elsa's placement on the LGBTQ spectrum.

Elsa is one of Disney's more unique women, and not for her magical ice powers. In 'Frozen,' Elsa is never given the quest to find a romantic interest, something that most of Disney's female leads lack. Instead, Elsa embarked on a journey of self-exploration and discovery, leading viewers to speculate that her plotline closely mirrors a coming out story so familiar to LGBTQ audiences. As Disney has no openly gay characters, many were even excited to see a lesbian Elsa come out in the 2019 movie.

So, did they get their wish? Unfortunately, the jury is still out on Elsa's sexuality. "It’s not to say that journey can’t still happen in the future," said Josh Gad, who voiced Olaf in the film, "The directors wanted to tell a story that didn’t necessarily feel like it was about Elsa necessarily searching for or looking for love. It was more about Elsa embracing Elsa."

Some have even speculated that Elsa's lack of focus on romantic love or partnership more closely follows an aromantic or asexual designation. With the lack of a romantic interest for Elsa so far, and what seems to be a distinct happiness to just love herself, with or without non-platonic love, this seems to be a fair guess.

With Disney's traditional lack of open LGBTQ characters, perhaps we'll never get the details on Elsa's sexuality. Until then, we'll just have to 'let it go.'

Photo: Disney