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Game Review: The Legend of Pirates Online

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From 2007 to 2013, one of my favorite MMORPG spaces was Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Disney developed the game to resemble the famous franchise, even including such popular characters as Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, Tia Dalma, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann. I spent a lot of time in game with friends, until the tragic shutdown in 2013. And until recent years, fans of the game waited for a return. Unfortunately, Disney never relaunched the game, even with paid subscriptions as they used to. However, one small group resurrected the game, and you can play it right now. The best part? Take it from the website:

"The Legend of Pirates Online is a fan-made recreation of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Our project is founded on a promise to our community that we will never charge for full access to anything TLOPO provides."

Every single feature is free. You can max out every skill in combat and slay every enemy you encounter by sword, dagger, grenade, or even voodoo. Or, you might choose to sail the high seas with a player crew, inflicting terror on the navy and the East India Trading Company and looting huge fortunes of gold and treasure. Perhaps you prefer just fishing in the deep sea, or crafting potions with surprising effects. You can even engage in cannon defense or PvP land and sea battles for leaderboard glory-- all free, now and forever.

If you feel so inclined, sign on today, and get double loot through March 30. Check for events often, and join the Facebook page, too!

Photo: Pixabay

*photo may not be representative of in game content; check website for details