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Gay Couple Breaks The Rules By Lighting Home Up In Rainbow Floodlights

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After being informed they couldn't put up a Pride flag, a couple devised an intelligent strategy to surround their home in rainbow-colored lights using floodlights.

When new restrictions prohibiting all flags other than the American flag were implemented, Memo Fachino and Lance Meir were informed by their homeowner's association that they would have to remove the rainbow flag from their front yard.

However, the pair decided that this wouldn't stop them from putting on a show during Pride month and instead discovered a loophole that allowed them to cover their entire home with rainbow lights.

"Due to some neighbours flying BLM banners, thin blue line banners, and other opinion flags, our HOA ruled last month that we're only allowed to fly the USA flag, and nothing else," Fachino wrote on Reddit.

"We received an email the day following the ruling saying that our Pride flag (which we have on our house since 2016) had been reported and that we needed to take it down.

"We agreed and took down the flag." We realized that removable lights are allowed without restriction in our new guidelines, so we ordered six colored floodlights and painted our house in pride colors. 

It's a touch more subdued than our plain flag.

"Anyone who complains about the flag and what it represents will have a lot more fun."

In an interview with the BBC, Fachino, a member of the homeowner's association's board of directors, said he understood why the rule was implemented, calling it a "basic law that applies to all of us equally."

"I think it's just absolutely giving me the notion that it's not an odd rule," he told News 5.

"People are relieved to learn that it is possible to do so while still displaying your uniqueness in a way that is legal."

Fachino's Reddit post has already gone viral, with other Reddit users praising the couple for their foresight.

"The illumination is far better than a basic flag," one person said.

Another person stated: "It appears to be significantly more lovely than a simple flag. Congratulations on your excellent compliance!"

According to the BBC, the pair intends to keep the lights on into June.