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Gay Penguins In Netherlands Steal Eggs From Lesbian Penguins To Build Their Own Family

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A couple of opportunistic gay penguins in the Netherlands are poaching the eggs and nests of other penguins in pursuit of acquiring their eggs and getting offspring off their own. The penguins who currently reside at the Amersfoort’s DierenPark have, in numerous instances, endeavored to steal eggs from other birds in order to build their own families. Last year, the gay penguins robbed a heterosexual couple’s eggs. But their attempt backfired as the egg never hatched. But this time again, they have conducted another robbery, this time of an entire nest of a couple of lesbian penguins.

“Homosexuality is fairly common in penguins, but what makes this couple remarkable is that they have gotten hold of an egg,” says Marc Belt who is the zookeeper at Amersfoort. Belt, however, doesn’t seem too surprised by the robberies, as it’s fairly common for gay penguins to attempt to steal other birds’ nests in the northern regions.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the kidnapped eggs will hatch. As they have been stolen from a set of female penguins hence they haven’t yet been fertilized. The gay penguins are; however, not giving up hope. They are taking turns guarding the eggs while the other hunts for food. The female penguins too are quite unconcerned about the stealing of their nest. They will possibly build another nest soon as they breed twice a year.

The penguins at Amersfoort aren’t the only same-sex couple that have executed plans to nab other bird’s eggs. In 2018 a same-sex couple in Denmark tried to kidnap a chick while its parents were swimming. Similarly, in August a pair of lesbian penguins successfully incubated and birthed a baby bird.

Source: Daily Mail