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Gen Z Trans Black Man Explains Why He Is Voting For Trump — Again

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A young, Black, Trans, Trump supporter recently wrote an op-ed for the publication The Doe explaining why he is voting for Trump once again this US presidential election. The Doe publishes anonymous but verified opinion-based articles revolving around politics, educations, social justice, etc., to promote civil discourse. 

The article begins by explaining how the supporter is usually greeted in certain circles. "You are not welcome here," most people say to him. He refers to always being different; he is not accepted in the LGBTQ+ and African American communities, one he thought would always support him, for being a Trump supporter.

He goes on to show how he was ostracized by his communities for his political views. "I left feeling alone; a slap in the face and an empty feeling in my heart, blocked on every social media account because I support a man she thinks is racist," he recalls of the instance where he told his mother about supporting Trump. 

He writes that while the LGBTQ+ community believes Trump is homophobic and a racist, he believes it to be arguable. He defends his argument by taking the ban of Trans individuals from joining the army. "My response is that being transgender means replacing hormones, so we have mood swings and our minds are sometimes cloudy. We have to go to therapy just for the surgeries we want and have to keep going to therapy afterward to make sure we don’t have a mental breakdown. We wouldn’t be able to control our emotions, and if we get captured we would not be able to access the meds we have to take to be who we are," he wrote. 

He even critiques Obama's presidency, claiming that it took away more jobs than it created, leaving his family homeless and struggling to eat. "President Trump is helping jobs come to America. Since he has been in office I’ve been employed, even during COVID-19. Trump is the leader we need for the next four more years to erase all the bad that Obama left," he wrote.

He believe that many more closeted voters like him will be coming out and voting for Trump this election. "I know there are a lot of undercover supporters like myself who finally came out due to the delusional people with COVID-19 and BLM," he said.

"The news portrays Trump and his supporters as racist idiots who only want white supremacy. That's not true," he wrote. He even condemns the Black Lives Matter movement and calls it a "joke."

The anonymous writer ultimately believes that another four years under the Trump administration will change the country completely. "Hopefully, with four more years, my mother and my so-called LGBTQ+ community, which is supposed to be so supportive and open-minded, will turn around and agree with me," he wrote. 

Source: The Doe