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Gen.G defeats Hanwha Life Esports and maintains the first position in the 2021 LCK Summer Split.

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In the sixth week of the 2021 LCK Summer Split, Gen.G defeated Hanwha Life Esports in an intense 2-1 matchup. Even though the chances were stacked against HLE winning this League of Legends series, they showed up today and put up a decent fight for the standings leaders. 

To turn the series around and achieve the much-needed win to retain their LCK dominance, Gen.G brought out notable selections such as Bdd's Azir, Ruler's Kalista, and Clid's Lee Sin.

Clid and Life received MVP votes for their exceptional performances in today's series. In the first game, the jungler used Diana to put pressure on his opponents throughout the entire map while also securing neutral objectives like Rift Heralds and dragons. 

HLE detected his presence and had to play it cautious beneath their towers to avoid being killed by the vicious jungler. Taric was chosen by the support in the final game of the series to counter his opponents' dive-heavy composition. His roams, vision control, and team fight ultimates were flawless throughout the game, propelling his team to a 2-1 win.

As expected, Gen.G dominated their opponents in the first match of the series. They left no space for error and finished the first game on a positive note after dominating for 30 minutes. HLE prohibited a few important picks in the second match, which helped their opponents secure the opening game of the series and took away others. 

Gen.G tweaked their draught but was unable to match HLE, who was out for vengeance and to tie the series. Although Gen.G was able to pick up a Baron following a vital team fight win, it wasn't enough to ensure a victory, and HLE them in the next team fight and leveled the series.

HLE went for an aggressive form in the previous match, relying on picks with dive-heavy champions like Gwen, Xin Zhao, and Leona. In the midgame, Gen.G responded with a Taric choice that refused all kill attempts from opponents.

As a result, Gen.G was able to pick up most neutral goals and slowly take down towers, before finishing the series in their favor.

Next week, Gen.G (9-2) will return to the Rift for two games against Liiv SANDBOX and Afreeca Freecs. Both teams have improved throughout the winter and now appear to be playoff candidates. 

After today's series, which revealed that Gen.G has numerous holes that can be exploited by better teams, there's a slight chance that either of them can upset the leader in the rankings.